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All About BMA

BMA Models began life in 1983 in a tiny house just outside London with just 5 models. David Charman was the maverick model agent with an eye for diversity. BMA Modelling Agency is London ‘s leading Commercial Agency. Lynn Campbell-Walter took her Directors seat in 1996 maintaining and expanding upon the Style, Ability and Charisma that is BMA’s. As a former FM Model she makes a great agent having jumped and fallen at the hurdles ahead of the models of today.

BMA Models  has a strong track record in managing and developing home grown talent, as well as sourcing international models. The eclectic male and female boards, from children to 60’s, can match any requirements: from high-end to high-street, from the look-of-the-moment to classic appeal.

The ethos of the Agency, “The Right Model for Right Client”, is personified by the professionalism, care and dedication of the cutting edge team at the booking table. BMA Modelling Agency operates with speed, understanding and ethics and BMA Modelling Agency is renowned for its friendly efficient service. BMA Modelling Agency is committed to building strong, trusted long-term relationships with our clients and our models. We are, and always have been a personable company that has earned an enviable reputation for providing genuine and timely advice and consultation to its clients. Consequently, our highly experienced bookers can make positive recommendations based on sound, in-depth knowledge of the models and their capabilities.

Our goal is to be seen as the model agency by which others are measured – in he standards of personal service and support we offer to clients and models alike.

David Charman (Director) and Lynn Campbell-Walter (Director) Alex Haddad (Director).

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  1. Shannon Calnan says:

    Hi I’m wondering if you accept 5ft models

  2. Ash Wilson says:

    Great job you have done. We can also make something different, lest start……………………

  3. Naftaunda says:

    I would love to be a model.

  4. Christy Brumfield says:

    How can I become a model?

  5. Fazlin says:

    Hey I would like to become a model but not sure where to start

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