BMA Artist Roddy Features In A DUBIZZLE Commercial! Roddy brings the laughs AND his brilliant charisma to his latest role in a brand new (and hilarious) commercial for Dubizzle! You HAVE to check out the commercial below and tell us what you think, Roddy did a fantastic job! [wpvideo 4aJR8tLM] Check out his profile here:…

Artists' Conor H Features In Tommee Tippee Commercial!

Artists’ Conor H Features In Tommee Tippee Commercial Our talented actor and all round lovely guy Conor can be seen in the latest promotional commercial for baby brand ‘Tommee Tippee‘! Playing the doting father in the video, he looks great and is ever the professional! Hit the comments below to tell us what part you…

'The Fix' Musical- PATS Studio!

‘The Fix’ Musical- PATS Studio! Erifili attended GSA Acting School, PATS Studio to watch the amazing musical ‘The Fix‘ . She had such a lovely time and let us know this is something we all need to go and watch! ‘The Fix’ is a musical starring the media headlines of today, yesterday, and tomorrow. The shocking…

Emily W BMA Artist Does Great In New Commercial!!

Emily W BMA Artist Does Great In New Commercial!! You have to go and check out Emily W in the awesome commercial for Black Decker’s. Transmitted just before Christmas 2017, this commercial was broadcast nationwide in support of Black Decker’s festive deals! What a great job! Well done Emily!! Take a look at her profile:…

BMA Artist LA Rodgers Wins Best Suppoting Actress At FILM FESTIVAL GUILD!

BMA Artist LA Rodgers Wins Best Suppoting Actress At FILM FESTIVAL GUILD! We’re so excited! Talened actress and BMA Artist Lynne Anne Rodgers won the Best Supporting Actress award at the Film Festival Guild 2018 for her role in ‘Dark Beacon‘ Congratulations to such a wonderful talent and incredible woman! Take a look at her…

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JupiterLights Productions CD Workshop

JupiterLights Productions is offering Casting workshops at The Actors Temple Theatre Studio, with affordable prices £12 less than the industry average! Adding L.A. inspired commercial modules, JupiterLights base the structure on personal experiences in going to many Casting workshops. There are no more than 18 – 20 people in each group, and JupiterLights encourage actors to…

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Nicola Sheppard

BMA‘s New Face Nicola Sheppard has the most stunning shots in her portfolio. Model Nicola is also an actress and dancer, having danced solo for the Brit School and featured in a music video for Charlie XCX.

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