BMA's 8 Reasons To Watch The World Cup 2014

BMA presents a selection of reasons for The World Cup  to be enjoyed by everyone…
There’s nothing better than celebrating (or commiserating) with a flame grilled treat!
2. Brazilia!
If you’re not able to make it out to Brazil, there’s always the opportunity to view the beautiful sites on screen…
3. This guy: Olivier Giroud.
France’s forward is a justified reason to enjoy the football that little bit more.
4. This guy: Claudio Marchisio.
The same can be said for Italy’s midfielder…
Claudio Marchisio
5. Iconic moments!
We always have the chance for another moment like this.
David Beckham Red Card
6. Streakers on the pitch!
Nothing is more exciting during football than seeing security take down a steaker.
7. You always have an excuse to go to the pub!
After all, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere?!

8. Support your country!
Italy players hold aloft the FIFA World Cup trophy.


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