Our favourite redheads!

With the Metro recently publishing an article about the fear of ginger hair becoming extinct with global warming (?!) BMA select our favourite and most beautiful redheads of the year, from Jessica Chastain to our very own Chelsea Thorpe!
Lily Cole
Rupert Grint
Isla Fisher
Michael Fassbender
Jessica Chastain
Domhnall Gleeson
BMA’s Chelsea Thorpe

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  1. Emma says:

    Hello there,
    Just wanted to point out that apart from Lily Cole and all the above mentioned men, no women are real redheads.
    They look stunning, do not get me wrong! But it is not natural 😉

  2. Rutger says:

    I think that Chelsea Thorpe is so beautiful that it hurts….she has something in those eyes and smile that leaves people breathless!

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