Top 5 Stories You've Missed This Week…

Miss UK 2013 answered our questions
Kirsty Rose Heslewood recently came into the BMA offices and filmed an exclusive sit down interview with us where we asked her all those questions everyone wants to know! The video is part of our #Sexy Wednesdays and this lady simply oozes grace with a brilliant sense of humour. Let us know what you think!
Grammy Awards becomes most diverse yet
The nominations for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards were announced over the week and the final list has been complete! This years top songs have been recognised and emerging new artists determined with the years nominations. The usual nominees are there, but also some new artists like Sam Smith, Charli XCX and Bastille. The UK is still becoming one of the best countries that have brilliant artists rising to the top!
Rare twin baby elephants storm the internet
There has been a miracle occur in the South African Pongola Game Reserve! A mother elephant has given birth to twins, which has a 0.5% of ever happening! This story definitely made us smile through this busy and hectic week, have a look at how cute they are! Well done mama elephant!
Christmas TV begins to heat up
Whether or not you’re a TV lover or hater, this Christmas you’re bound to watch something! All TV stations have released their planned schedules for the festive period and have revealed a number of programmes that will be in the contest to become the most watched show of the season. Top picks from what we’ve seen: Eastenders, Miranda, Downtown Abbey, Strictly Come Dancing, Birds of a Feather, TOTP returns and Nativity!
Vlog of the week
This week is dedicated to the brilliant Gigi Gorgeous, who provides her viewers with brilliant tips on how she achieves her beautiful look and what her beauty secrets are! If you want to get that glamorous L.A. look then watch this video!
What were your favourite stories of the week? Tell us! @bma_models & @bma_artists

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