Exclusive Interviews @ BMA!

Every week we are bringing you the utmost excellence in exclusiveness with our interviews with our models! This is a post dedicated to ensuring you are keeping up-to-date with everything going on at BMA, but more importantly making sure that you aren’t missing out on the brilliant questions answered by our gorgeous models.

1. Rodrigo Rezende 

Rodrigo spilled the beans on everything from the start of his modelling career to what are the 5 things he couldn’t part with in life.

See the video here!


2. Kirsty Rose Heslewood

Miss UK 2013 sat down and talked all things hoovering and showed us all how to not twerk!

See the video here!


3. Coming 17/12/14!

Make sure you tune in on Wednesday for another brand new and exclusive insiders look into the modelling world!

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