BMA's Instagram: Why You Should Be Following Us…

Instagram has become the worlds biggest social network and as of December 2014 has over 300 million monthly users! Instagram has become the worlds most powerful tool in the social media game and is growing and growing by the day, so what is all the fuss about? Why has it become such a phenomenon and more importantly, why should YOU be following BMA on the app?
Instagram has become a driving force of expression, through personal opinions, like never before profiles all over the globe have become expressionists to their own lives. Instagram has opened up the door to capturing the moments in life that you want to remember and you want to share with your followers.
Companies have also become accustom to using this social app as a tool for marketing purposes, Instagram has become the perfect way to present ideas, ideals, products and more importantly driving the app into a new direction in terms of the future.
You need to be following accounts that matter, ones that are current and exciting; everything BMA is! We aim for excellence in bringing our followers exclusives direct from us and no one else as well as stunning images of our models & artists AND brilliantly funny pictures that will make you beg for more…our instagram accounts are a destination, not just a profile!
Our sites have grown hugely in the last two months and have both been reinvented through images used on both accounts, in terms of using Instagram properly and officially for the purposes of BMA; it has never been better!

We have big plans for the future of our Instagram accounts, so make sure that you are following us and keeping up to date with everything BMA related! 2015 is the year!

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