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We want to make sure that all our models have the best knowledge, secrets and key tips to succeeding in this business and today we are sharing with you all the 5 biggest things that models SHOULD do before a shoot! Remember! This can be applied to anyone and everyone, not just models…so read on!


  • Healthy Skin – The biggest thing in the modelling world is your face. Skin care takes a while to edit perfectly, so really and truly making your best effort to ensure that your skin is healthy and clean is key to gaining success in this industry. By making sure that you sleep for at least 8 hours a day, drinks alcohol irregularly, you must exfoliate every day and by finding a good routine with a moisturiser; your skin will glow. If you are someone who has a red complexion or you just want that extra care on your face, finding a decent toner will flourish on your skin and even out everything even more.
  • Smooth Lips – We all want those perfectly flawless lips that everyone seems to have (or so you think), keep them full of moisture always by finding a good balm that will keep them far away from becoming chapped. Smoking effects your lips remember, just saying.
  • Body Hair – This goes for anyone reading this, body hair is something that requires maintenance. Keeping it all in check and maintaining it to a reasonable style is a must. Models particularly, hair has to become a number one priority. It takes a while to edit all those unwanted hairs out the way as well as allowing it to become an unnecessary requirement to de-hair you before the photo shoot can begin. Take pride in your hair, where ever it may be on your body!
  • Rested Eyes – As we said, sleep well and your eyes will look and feel their best. Go to a shoot natural, no make up or anything so that they can work their magic on you as soon as you get to the shoot. If you are a contact lenses wearer, then do not wear them on a shoot. They can sometimes make your eyes look less defined as well as less popping through the images. You can always get eye drops to help keep your eyes at their most lush and moist.
  • Clothing – An easy piece of advise (generally for models), when heading to a shoot that involves the whole body or particularly lingerie shoots; wear loose fitting clothes to avoid getting those marks on your body that will take a while to disappear once you turn up at the shoot. Take it seriously and think about what you’re shooting or what you’re about to do…You’re there to work remember!


There you have it! The 5 top tips for models to do before a shoot!

Now that you have the key ingredients, tell us what you think!

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