BMA Goes Cuckoo!!

We would like to thank all the models who attend our first party of the year on Friday night! We had a blast, even if some parts are a tad blurry.


We have a few pictures from the night, looks like we aren’t the only ones who had a great time!

Time to start planning the next party…

11021183_10152761147687831_7707065269385642061_n10404161_10152761148062831_6136443094411991159_n 11025199_10152761147637831_8224470192910795505_n10441244_10152761147967831_8291156514483453874_n10994323_10152761147837831_1007889602269558865_n11024688_10152761158362831_454197077838263567_n

Awesome night, awesome people!

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