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There has been a lot going on recently here at BMA Models! So you have to catch up!

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1. Jack Green Models For Adidas!

How cool can one guy be? Jack continues to impress us, what a guy!


2. BMA’s Philipp Gelter walks for London’s L’Oreal Colourtophy 2015!

Philipp walked amazingly well in the London show!


Keep your eyes peeled for more on Philipp, coming soon!

3. BMA Model proudly showed off her brand new model cards!

We have been busy bringing in the new model cards to our models, they are looking awesome!!


We love them, what do you think?!

4. Lili Rich Walks Runway In Westfield Fashion Show

How beautiful does she look? Well done Lili!


Jack’s Portfolio: Jack Green

Philipp’s Portfolio: Philipp Gelter

Sophie’s Portfolio: Sophie Thorpe

Lili’s Portfolio: Lili Rich

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