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It’s our time, BMA is exploding into greater and bigger things than ever before…and what do you need to be doing about it? Follow our blog of course!

We’ve provided you with the 5 main reasons you need to be following our blog…there are now no excuses whatsoever for you!


  1. BMA Voted Top Agency In UK – We were voted the top agency in the UK via Vesper Black! We still like to tell people that, everyone at BMA has worked hard to make BMA not only the best, but different than every other agency. We are very proud of the honour and we work hard to make sure that we are always on the top of our game! #TopAgencyBMA
  2. Greatest Diversity – We aim to bring you the best posts direct from our agency, there are no ghost writers here at BMA…all are done direct from us! We want to bring you everything an agency does and MORE. Model/Artists work, Competitions, Videos, Lifestyle tips, Health & Fitness guidance and so much more! It’s all happening on this very blog! #BMABlog
  3. Social Interaction – We’ve upped our game in all aspects when it comes to social media, we know that it’s the most important way to stay in touch with everyone that follows BMA. Our BMA Media guru Josh works hard to maintain the voice of BMA models & Artists stays strong in all fields! Make sure you follow us, we’ve begun searching for a brand new modelling superstar…It could be you reading this who has what it takes! #BMAModels #BMAArtists
  4. Personal TouchEver wondered what a modelling agency looks like? What the models really think about themselves and their work? Ever thought what an artist does at a casting to get the job of their dreams? Well we have you covered! Our YouTube page is dedicated to bringing you the best Behind the scenes stuff as well as videos of our models and artists, find out more about them than just their pictures on our website! #BMAYouTube
  5. Mobile BMA – We are the first agency to go mobile! Whether you have checked us out on your phone or not, we are aiming to bring you BMA whenever and wherever you are. It’s all about accessibility! You can reach us, check out the latest models and see our videos whenever you want! It’s never been so easy, so why not check it out? #BMAGoesMobile

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There we have it! 2015 looks set to be a record breaking year for us, so get caught up now before it’s just too much!

You have been warned…BMA Models & Artists want to hear from YOU!

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