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BMA Models Generation Diversity Post Press Release

BMA Models recently hosted an event to celebrate the launch of #GenerationDiversity, raising awareness for more diverse models in the fashion industry. We partnered up with Aruna Seth Shoes, Suzanne Neville, Asiana TV, Protein World, WatchAnish, W.Salamoon & Neville who are some of the leading and influential brands in the world today.
The event was hosted on 16th of September at Salmontini’s restaurant in Knightsbridge with a private fashion show in conjunction with London Fashion Week. The fashion show included an array of diverse models from BMA Models wearing beautiful evening dresses and shoes provided by our partners Suzanne Neville and Aruna Seth Shoes. We had a great turn out and support from all over the entertainment and fashion industry with great feedback.
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“BMA’s diversity event highlighted a very current issue facing our industry, in an age where real beauty is very quickly overlooked when it doesn’t quite fit the ‘it’ brief…
The crowd spoke for itself bringing together a unique demographic all fighting the same cause. BMA was extremely hospitable and fabulously executed a powerful event, it was a pleasure to attend.” – Chantelle-Shakila Tiagi – In House Producer & Agent @ REP
We would love to thank everyone who came to the event and supported this campaign; a special thank you goes out to our amazing partners for their amazing work and help, we were able to reach a great number of people in such a short amount of time. This was our first year running this campaign however we are going to continue to raise awareness for diversity in the fashion industry so please keep up to date by following our BMA Models pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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