Siblings Are In, Have You Heard?

BMA Leads The Way In Sibling Models…

‘There has been the ‘alien’, ‘heroin chic’ and ‘mature-age model’, but fashion’s favourite new trend is all about keeping things in the family.

If you’ve noticed all models suddenly look similar, there is a reason: they’re related.

Being the sole beauty in a single gene pool is no longer enough for major fashion brands, which have begun favouring models who not only share the same runway-worthy features, but the same surnames’.


Siblings are simply the big thing in modelling right now, take the Thompson Twins who have been with BMA since August; they have seen interest in work for them as twins triple in the last few months.


You can read more on The Daily Telegraphs Website

Take a look at Nick and Dan’s Portfolio: Thompson Twins


Nicholas Thompson

Daniel Thompson

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