#EveryFaceHasAStory Shoot With Jack Terry

Check out these #EveryFaceHasAStory Shots!

We have some brand new images to show you, from a fantastic and exclusive shoot with awesome photographer Jack Terry!

We’ve been working on getting our agency‘s mission out there and now more than ever before; people are hearing us! We aim to present our models differently, in a new direction than ever seen before. Every face of every person is different, we are all representatives of our own stories; let the world know them!

Check out the images, we’re in love!


There is also a brand new website video, which you can watch here:

#EveryFaceHasAStory Video


Behind The Scenes On Set

See more of Jack’s work on his website: Jack Terry Photography

Take a look at all our models’ portfolios:

Adam Isdale

Yasmina Roldan

Ben Adams

Kirk Newmann

Kayode Akinyemi

Mariko Siig

Natasha Culzac

Kelya Serwatkiewicz

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