Courtney For Laura Ashley

Always wearing her beautiful smile, Courtney W is a prized member of BMA models. Her healthy figure, dreamy hazel eyes, a height of 5’9 and blonde hair render her one of our most sought after models. BMA upholds certain health standards for all its models and does not propagate stick thin figures. We believe physical and mental health is integral to one’s well being and this philosophy is reflective in the appearance of all our models.
Courteny has consistently delivered outstanding work, her latest shoot with the prestigious Laura Ashley, a Welsh textile design company now headed by the MUI Group of Malaysia. Originally founded by Bernard Ashley and his wife, Laura Ashley is now a well known international retail chain.
Courtney has previously worked with Laura Ashley and she has been their choice over many other London models as her ‘English rose’ appearance is perfect to advertise their ‘quintessentially English’ products.
Courtney shoots a whole season’s range with the photographer over a few days  in an exclusive London studio. In this shoot, she’s seen sporting Laura Ashley’s exquisite mosaic print pyjama set. Courtney appears perfectly at ease in the pictures and is seen flashing her million dollar smile at the camera. Her healthy figure, vitality, and ‘girl next door’ looks deliver complete justice to this nightwear.
The light shade of the outfit harmonizes well with Courtney’s youthful and friendly appearance.  The adorable cap sleeves and Capri bottoms convey a funky, fun vibe with our model’s dazzling smile supporting this case. The lace trim adds that classy touch to the clothes and Courtney adeptly highlights this aspect.
Laura Ashley’s adorable outfit brings out the feminine side of Courtney and Courtney, in turn, asserts the comfort of this attire with her effortlessness in front of the camera.
A perfect amalgamation of simplicity and style, Courtney shows off this striking nightwear by Laura Ashley with understated brilliance!

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  1. lynn campbell-walter says:

    Courtney looks fabulous in this shoot

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