Ling KT Joins The L’Oreal Beauty Squad!

Ling KT Joins The L’Oreal Beauty Squad!

BMA UK’s #1 Commercial Modelling Agency, proudly congratulates its lovely influencer, Ling Tang, on being announced the newest member of the prestigious L’Oreal Beauty Squad. We cannot contain our excitement at this news. Landing a position in L’Oreal’s diverse Beauty Squad is a dream come true, in the words of our talented artist, Ling.

Ling is a magnificent all rounder- Blogger, MUA and BMA beauty influencer with a whopping 510k followers and an impressive average engagement of 300k.  She has previously worked with L’Oreal but this time Ling outdid herself, astounding the client to the extent that she is now heralded an ambassador for the brand. Way to go Ling!

Sh08_BeautySquad_Group02_143_V09 2

Ling worked with a shoot and produced announcement content for L’Oreal while managing various social media collaborations alongside. She was also a part of the Nudist shoot by L’Oreal to feature their latest to-die-for lip gloss collection.

A skin regiment freak, Ling actively supports and purports L’Oreal clay masks as one of her ‘chosen’ products.  She claims these magical Clay Masks cleanse and unclog her pores and recommends it to all. We take her word for it as she is expert in testing various skin care products and we know she would propose only the best one to her dedicated followers.


A sucker for perfect brows, Ling also commends L’Oréal brow products, and displays how to get optimum results using these through her endearing yet informative videos on Instagram.

L’Oreal collaborated with Ling to create a video informing us of her experience being associated with the influential and esteemed brand.


In the video, she shares her beauty routine with us, relating helpful skin care tips.  She stresses on the importance of individuality and sporting confidence, a sound piece of advice! Declaring Hydra Genius as her favourite L’Oreal product, Ling iterates some of its pressing benefits. Confessing how she’s guilty of getting nail varnish all over her hands, Ling leaves us smiling when she ecstatically declares her jubilance on being associated with the brand.

We love Ling and we’re all so proud of her on this exciting new project!



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