Meet BMA Booker Trafford!

Meet Trafford, A BMA Booker!

We want you to meet everyone who works at BMA, so today… Meet Trafford!
Trafford deals with model bookings which includes so many exciting opportunities for our models! Read below to find out some more about her!

  1. What Is Your Name & Where Are You From?

Trafford Brown, from Aylesbury

  1. What Is Your Role At BMA?

Model Booking Extraordinaire

  1. What Is Your Favourite Thing About Your Job?

I love booking with exciting brands I never thought id come into contact with, i.e Ivy Park!

  1. How Long Have You Been At BMA?

Since 1st November 2016, so 10 months.

  1. What Is Your Favourite At Work Snack?


  1. What Makes The Perfect Model/Artist?

Someone who is bubbly and upbeat, willing to just work and get on with it, good communication, and who bring us cake when they visit!

  1. What Sets BMA Apart From Other Agencies?

We don’t take on a million people, we’re very select so you will always be noticed, never forgotten or lost in the masses. You also have everyone in the office working for you, not just one person, meaning you’re opened up to more opportunities.

  1. How Important Is It That BMA Represents A Diverse Range Of Talent?

So important! We never know what type of brief we are going to get from day to day, so we need to have all types of people to make sure we fulfil all briefs.

  1. What Is A Typical Day Like For You?

Start out by checking the 100s of emails I get over nights, then I go through and prioritise any shoots that are important. I then send suggestions to the clients. I catch up with some of the models I look after, make sure they are okay and need anything. I go through new applications and search for potential talent. I do any new briefs that come in to info, or pass to the team. I make sure models have relevant job details and castings.

  1. Best Tip For Someone Wanting To Get Into The Industry?

Do as many test shoots as possible, become comfortable in front of the camera and lights. Know your market also, don’t try to be something you’re not. Be natural.

Five Things We Should Know About You…

  1. I’m 50% deaf! I wear two hearing aids and use sign language and lip reading to communicate – sorry if I don’t always hear you!!!
  2. I have an addiction to cheese.
  3. I’m also a full-time carer for my Granny on top of working at BMA.
  4. I’m named after Man U stadium, Old Trafford. If I had a pound for everytime I heard ‘oh, you’re young Trafford now, but you’ll be Old Trafford soon.
  5. I have a phobia of blood, even the smallest pin prick would make me faint.

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