James L Joins BMA Models & Answers Your Questions!

James L Joins BMA Models & Answers Your Questions!

The BMA family continues to grow and thrive and as James L joins BMA Models, we thought why not have him answer some of  the most frequently and in demand questions you guys have about modelling!
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When did you start modelling?
Formally through an agent only this year – but through my life as a professional cyclist I often represented and supported my sponsors products in marketing campaigns etc
How did you get into modelling?
Those who have aspired a career are going to hate what I’m going to tell you now.  I did not grow up dreaming of being a model.  Living in Cape Town I met some really people who worked in the industry and one day a model and photographer asked me to help out in a portfolio shoot.  I had a lot fun and loved the experience. A few weeks later said model called to say her portfolio was getting a lot interest but in me! So I was introduced to an agency and rest is history , albeit brief thus far.
The best part about modelling?
I love people and being part of something which is anchored in passion is a buzz for me.
The worst part about modelling?
So far so good, I can’t really complain about any of it. I’m a glass half full not half empty kinda guy
Any differences between South Africa and England for modelling?
So many to list here. But being born in SA  from an English Mum and a Dutch Dad I get to experience and understand my culture of my English and British roots even better.
Most memorable shoot of your career?
The first time I had to have full blown make-up on for a moody editorial shoot on a wine farm. As I was having eyeliner put on I thought if only my rugby mates could see me now!
Check out his portfolio here: James L

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