Fitness First & BMA!

Fitness First & BMA!

We’re SO excited to reveal to you these amazing shots from a recent shoot for Fitness First’ latest online and print campaign! Doesn’t everyone look awesome?

 With a number of our talent from both BMA Models and Artists featured in this shoot we are just so ecstatic to be able to share these amazing shots with you, we love them!


04.09.17_DW_FitnessFirst_2105_Daisy.jpgShot 2_HigRes_07.11.17_FitnessFirst_Xmas4321_Abi.jpg04.09.17_DW_FitnessFirst_1489_Aidan.jpg04.09.17_DW_FitnessFirst_1766_Alex.jpgShot 7_HighRes_07.11.17_FitnessFirst_Xmas4667_KIRSTY R.jpgShot7_01.12.17_FitenessFirst_Cottons_1051_ALEX.jpg04.09.17_DW_FitnessFirst_3050_Kane.jpgShot 21_HighRes_07.11.17_FitnessFirst_Xmas0007_Angelina.jpg

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