BMA Influencer Alexis Stone Goes GLOBAL!

Alexis Stone Goes Global With His Recent Work!

BMA’s Social Media Influencer Alexis Stone has gone stratospheric! Known for his incredible celebrity transformations and stunning Make-Up skills, Alexis’ notoriety has hit an all-time high – and we couldn’t be more excited!


Alexis has seen his work and artistry covered on numerous news channels across the globe, including being on MTV in EVERY COUNTRY, Buzzfeed USA, and the Daily Mail! Amazing! Not only that, Alexis has received recognition from a number of the celebrities he transforms into! Now that is major!



Since signing with BMA Models in November of last year, Alexis has collaborated with some fabulous brands, including the likes of GlamGlow and MAC Cosmetics! 2018 looks set to be an even bigger year for Alexis and we cannot wait to see how far he goes!


Well done Alexis on all you do!

You can check out his BMA profile here: Alexis Stone

Make sure you follow him too: Alexis Stone Instagram


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