5 Minutes With Our Petite Model: Kira W

We caught up with our New Talent and Future Face Kira W!

Kira has recently joined us at BMA and we’re so thrilled to be working with her. Kira is German born but has lived in the UK for a number of years. On-top of modelling, Kira is also a fully-qualified Personal Trainer. Currently, Kira is studying for a degree in Sports and Business Management. Wow, we thought we had a lot on our plate!

At 5’2″ Kira joins us as a Petite Model. Her previous work has included collaborations with Puma and McFit Fitness Studios based in Germany. When added to her already impressive portfolio, her sports shoots have given Kira the chance to demonstrate her athletic attributes. See more of Kira’s portfolio here.

We wanted to know what it’s really like to be an up and coming model in a world full of Kardashian lookalikes, and what makes a model authentic. We ask Kira for some of her best tips on how to make it as a model

How did you get into Modelling? 

Kira- “I always thought that I can’t work as a model, because of my height and that was disheartening. But I guess the industry is becoming more open about it which is really positive. So I just thought that I’ll try my shot at it and started this summer!”

What are your top-tips on becoming a successful model?

“Because i am still relatively new to modelling I wouldn’t consider myself the most successful model yet- but i am definitely striving to be. I think it’s important to be hard working, on time, always be polite and be the best version of yourself. Make it easy to work with you.”

Who’s your model inspo?

“I don’t really have a favourite model, but I always try to learn from models who are very successful. How they pose for a job etc.”

What can an aspiring model expect from the job role?

“Expect to travel for jobs and castings, it’s all about being a part of a model. I love it and I think it’s cool and exciting!!”

Tell us something about yourself not many people would know?!

“My close friends and family know that I just love to eat! I always lead a healthy lifestyle but I definitely believe in balance, it definitely makes me happy. I always go by “better one more time to the gym, than missing out on my favourite food

What are your favourite tricks to achieve the perfect selfie?!

“It’s all about the light! I love the golden hour. If the light isn’t good, I don’t even try to take a selfie! 😂I also enjoy using more natural glowy tones and foundations.”

Lastly, as a model, can you tell us some of your favourite skincare tips to keep your skin looking photo ready?

“I travel a lot and my skin struggles during flights or whilst i’m on my period. I figured out that a Hydrafacial every 2-4 weeks works for my skin the best. I am also sure to keep hydrated everyday.”

We’ve loved catching up with Kira. We can’t wait to see her portfolio grow! Keep up to date with her latest work here.


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  1. Shevonne says:

    I’m also fond of modeling and l’m same height as you just hoping that one day l get an opportunity to be one one day l like your confidence, pictures and ur gorgeous also, l’m 18 hope it won’t be a problem u inspire me lol😍

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