All You Need To Know About Curve and Plus size Modelling

Happy Friday!! It has been another great week at BMA HQ, we have been working hard on some exciting projects. Since expanding our curve board, we want to talk to you about body positivity and the curve industry. We’ve collaborated with Melise W to bring you gossip on curve modelling!!

A beautiful emerging trend for plus size and curvy models. 

There’s a growing trend for plus size and curvy models in the fashion industry. For over decades, the media has placed slim models as the face of many brands. 

Antonia A

The rise of plus size models encourages body confidence and brings hope to overcome the ‘old fashioned societal’ beauty standards that has been around for decades. So how does this change the fashion industry?  – Well, plus size clothing are in demand more than ever. Many UK brands have launched their curve lines and featuring regular curve models e.g. ASOS Curve, Boohoo Curve, New Look, Pretty Little Things etc. Not only has it appealed to women, it has especially encouraged younger girls. 

What kind of jobs can plus size models book?

The curve market is very diverse and often jobs are e-commerce catalogues, magazines, commercials and print campaigns. At BMA we represent a diverse board of curve models and work with amazing e-com brands and commercial clients. 

What are the requirements of a plus-size? 

Plus size/curve models are usually a size 12 and above with good body proportions, especially with about 10 inches smaller on the waist compared to the hips! Of course, there are always exceptions in every rule. Height requirements are between 5’7’-5’10’.

Melise W

Let’s read into what Curve model, Melise W has to say about her career and the plus size/curve industry. Magnificent Melise is currently placed abroad to pursue a new market in Australia.

How has the plus size world influenced or changed you since you started? 

M: I started modelling as an US size 0 at 13 years old.  That wasn’t natural and I worked very hard to stay that size. I wasn’t eating a lot and cut a lot of food groups from my diet. My daily life revolved around weight maintenance and I didn’t feel myself. I denied my unhealthy lifestyle and didn’t want to fix it.  

My body naturally started to develop and gain weight as I grew older. From then I changed my perspective on modelling and my body. It’s been a journey and continues to be a journey of self-acceptance now at size 12. I am the happiest I have ever been and I feel confident.

What do you think is the most common misconception about plus size women?

‘Lazy’, ‘Don’t Work Out’ and ‘It Must Be So Easy’

M: It can get quite disappointing because it’s not true that’s why I am on a mission to have a voice about all of this and a mission to share my story.

Why do you think these misconceptions exist?

M:  Women don’t talk about it enough. There needs to be more voices being heard and speaking out. Fashion magazines and media don’t help and I think they can feed insecurities rather than empower. People have a misconception that being bigger is associated to unhappy and lazy.

What would you like the next plus size/curve innovation to be?

M: I really want to start a business about body confidence and helping women accept and even “LOVE THEMSELVES”. This is very important to me and I want to see more curve girls on big runways and campaigns, we as models deserve the same opportunities.

What are you favourite brands and places to shop for clothing?

M: I am Australian and there is a brand back home called Seafolly. They are a swimwear company accepting and even putting plus girls on their campaigns.

In order to love our own bodies and accept our size, we need to change the perception on how we look at these beautiful plus size and curvy women. We love our curve models and they continue to inspire us at BMA. 

Click here to see our curve/plus size girls. Also stay tuned for our next post!!



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