BMA Hits 100K On Instagram: The Journey To Our Successful Milestone.

Congratulations to BMA MODELS…🎉 🎉 🎉 

….in reaching 100k Followers on Instagram. Thank you for all your support and love.  We are extremely grateful towards our supporters and our amazing talents. Without you all we are not able to celebrate such a great success.

Let’s find out about our success:

What is it that keeps BMA posting every single day?

We post every day to stay relevant and in the forefront of the modelling industry. Our talent provide amazing content every day – why wouldn’t we share it? It’s also a great feeling for our models, photographers, makeup artists and stylist to gain recognition through our posts.

Sophie T

What is our most memorable post?

This is a very tough question for us, we have amazing talents on board and all of the content we receive are of such high quality. Our most memorable post so far has to be our model Sophie T for Tanqueray. We ABSOLUTELY LOVE the colours used in this shoot and we were amazed. They’re so elegant and Sophie is an outstanding model.  

What is our best post?

Our best post of 2018 was the second ‘Model Tip’ we posted back in December. Last autumn, we decided to introduce memes and text images onto our Instagram account. Social media is ever changing and we want to stay relevant by constantly implementing new ideas. The tip proved to be a hit and we received over 2000 likes which is more than expected! The post did so well because there are many aspiring and even experienced models who can relate to it #relatable

We believe our followers appreciate this post because it normalises failure and embraces the reality of the modelling industry.

Jodie is our Senior Model Agent, Let’s See What She Has To Say About BMA’s Success!!

Jodie – Senior Model Booker

How do you feel that we have 100,000 people following us on BMA Model’s Instagram?

So excited!! It’s such a great feeling, especially for our marketing team who works very hard. The team are constantly posting relevant content and posting a lot of behind the scenes footage on our Instagram stories – BMA HQ visits, BTS of BMA and Model’s Content.

Hannah – Media Marketing Assistant

How important is Instagram to BMA or for any modelling agency?

Extremely important! It gives us a chance to show off all the amazing models we represent to our followers, and gives our following a good idea about what we do and who we work with. It’s a platform that represents our brand.

What advise do you give to models about their Instagram profiles? Any tips?

Be yourself! Don’t present yourself to be something you’re not. And be proud of yourself and all your hard work, share the work you do. We love to see it! Instagram is all about you!❤❤ 

Left to right: Laetitia , Alice, Lily, Ellie, Millie, Becca, Mari, Leanne, Jodie, Billie, Alex
(director), Maria (manager) and Jess

BMA Staff:

Check out our BEHIND THE SCENES video!! – We manage to get everyone out of their desk for a photoshoot!! BMA staffs are all busy bees!! 🐝🐝🐝

  • ‘We can’t believe that there’s 100,000 people out there following us, we are so thankful’
  • ‘I hope that you love our content and continue to show support’
  • ‘Instagram became as important for models as their portfolio, so it’s also important for BMA to stay relevant as an agency and build our brand’
  • ‘We love our beautiful models and thank you so much for all the tags and forever sending amazing content for us to post’
We had so much fun shooting these!!! HAPPY 100K!!



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  1. Congratulations. 100k followers is not an easy thing to achieve. Now for 250k.

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