One of our freshest faces on the scene, she’s hot out of college and fuelled with ambition and style, meet Anastasia O! In this series, we get to know a few of our hottest models a little deeper to find out what makes them tick. Anastasia answers 20 of BMA’s burning questions and talks about her fave Netflix series, goals for the future and what mysteries she’d like to solve!

Photography by Gary Adams

Anastasia’s cool and vibrant attitude brings so much energy to every set. Let’s get to know her a little better! 🤪

BMA- Where are you from Anastasia?

A- “I’m originally from Ghana”

Oooh tell us more?

A- “I was born in Italy, I moved to the UK when I was 15.”

We love that you’re well cultured. How did you get into modelling after settling in the UK?

A- “A lot of friends and students began to approach me asking if I could model for them so they can add to their portfolio. I enjoyed it so much, from there I decided to apply to a Modelling Agency. I was finally signed by BMA days before my Birthday, best gift ever!!”

Anastasia’s first polaroids with BMA after joining us in April 19

BMA- We’re so glad to have you on board as one of our Future Faces! You’re only nineteen, are you currently studying at college or school?

“I finished college recently! I studied Law and Travel and Tourism.”

Wow, smart AND beautiful! We’re impressed that you’ve juggled college and a modelling career! What’s been your favourite shoot so far?

A- “I filmed a commercial for The Sims recently and it was great! I loved the people I was working with on set. Everyone on shoot has a different story and a unique background. I loved it.”

What’re your goals for the future?

A- “I’m not sure what the future has in store for me! I know that modelling is something I’ve always loved so hopefully I’ll pursue something within the Fashion and Entertainment industry.”

Anastasia by Caio Sanfelice

BMA- I’ve had a cultured upbringing and being a model we know you travel around a lot! Where do you see yourself living?

A- “I love London and America, I can see myself settling in either of those places!”

Name 3 people who inspire you the most!

A- “For sure my mum, myself, and Aweng Chuol. Chuol is a South Sudanese model born in a refugee camp in Kenya, scouted whilst on shift at McDonalds in Australia. She’s making waves in the modelling industry with her distinctive eyes and visible scars.”

BMA- Anastasia, what’re your tips for getting in top shape for summer this year?!

A- “Don’t eat McDonalds!”

Favourite artist at the moment?

A- “Has to be Cardi B!”

Tell us the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning?

A- “Always: I wonder what cool jobs BMA will send me today!”

by Caio Sanfelice

BMA- If you could solve any mystery, what would it be?

A- “I really want to know whats in a black hole!! Is there another universe in there? Nothing? Surely there must be something unknown to man in a black hole.”

BMA- What’s your worst habit?

A- “I can be forgetful so I have to keep note!”

BMA- What’s your star sign?

A- “Taurus of course! ♉️”

BMA- Tells us the series you last binge watched on Netflix

A- “Currently binging Ru Paul’s Drag Race! #mustwatch”

BMA- Guilty midnight snack?

A- “A bowl of rice (I know it’s not a snack but…guilty much)”

BMA- What’s your most used emoji?

A- “😂”

BMA- How would you describe yourself?

A- ” Carefree and unpredictable!”

BMA-Tell us something not many people know about you?

A- “I’m actually quite shy! Not many people believe me when I tell them!”

BMA- If you had the ability to change anything, what would it be?

A- “I wouldn’t change anything about myself, I am confident in who I am. I’d stop Brexit, and Trump!”

Photography by Gary Adams

Anastasia has been working hard since signing with BMA to build her portfolio. We love her professional attitude and fresh vibe. Check out her portfolio here!

Keep an eye out for more awesome content from Anastasia O!

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