We love glitter here at BMA HQ! To celebrate Halloween this year (and for a bit of fun) we decided to douse ourselves in glitter! There’s nothing more fun than dressing up with the whole team and thats what we love to do at BMA! Take a look here at our agents creating some amazing looks!

GO TEAM! See what goes on behind the scenes at BMA HQ!
Manuela designs Manon’s glitter!
Tao dons the BMA logo for glitter day!!

Who wore the glitter better?! Artist team? Model team?! Influencer team?!

Camila on Artists team getting her glitter on!
Finished! Our Influencer Assistant Manon is dazzling!
Client Relationships manager Jessica and assistant Manon shine bright!

It’s not just our agents who have been getting into the spooky spirit! How amazing does our mainboard model Bryony B look with this glamorous creepy clown inspired makeup by Gemma Sutton! Photography by Sian Elizabeth!

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