Essential habits to take with you into 2020 to achieve all your goals! 🎊🎊🎊

It’s a new year!… And a new decade! As we head into this new era, Team BMA like to share some of our expert tips on how to achieve all of your goals this year. Here at BMA we like to think we’re pretty good at meeting targets and inspiring our clients to do the same, but hey, we’re still only human. 😏Take a look at our words of advice for kicking off the new year with a clear and motivated mind, and let us know what you accomplish in 2020 by leaving a reply below or getting in touch via any of our social media handles!

1. A positive attitude!

Probably the most obvious piece of advice you’ll get, ever heard of the law of attraction? Working to maintain a high frequency (through productivity, positivity, love, kindness, thankfulness, etc.) will attract the same type of energy to your life. Keeping a positive mindset through all tasks in life is fundamental in achieving success and will provide you with all the comfort and support you need. And when you get knocked down, you’ll have the strength to pick yourself back up again. And again. And again… You get the message.

2. Outline your strengths and weaknesses

We all have ’em. Moving forward, work on your relationship with yourself before anyone else. Understand your strengths and talents as well as your insecurities. Maybe this is a good time to work on the aspects of your life that you don’t feel so comfortable with, but make sure to exert most of your energy into your strongest abilities. This will help boost your confidence and over time you will feel more empowered to take on new challenges!

3. Formulate a clear set of ambitious (yet achievable) goals

Always aim to be working towards something, whether that’s career-motivated, dietary/fitness related or just generally focussed on optimising the good energy around you as much as possible. Write you goals down, create a list, map out the steps you need to take in order to reach the next one. Think of your goals not just as a final destination, but a series of checkpoints that evolve and develop over time, and even after you have achieved them.

4. Stay organised and focussed

Another given; keeping your surroundings neat and orderly will have a more beneficial effect on your mindset and work behaviours. Tidy space, tidy mind! Whilst some people might claim to work best through “organised mess”, it’s generally a good rule of thumb to keep your work and personal life separate, your environment clean and organised, and tackle any issues as soon as they present themselves in order to prevent a backlog of unfinished tasks.

5. Surround yourself and make connections with the right people

As mentioned earlier on in this post, the energy you surround yourself with has a big impact on you. It’s important that whilst you are working towards reaching your goals, you’re not hanging around with people that only want to hold you back, for whatever reason that might be. Connect with people that serve your best interest, encourage your endeavours and provide value to your life. Use this time to step outside your comfort zone and try new things. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet some amazing new people at the new yoga spot downtown?!

6. Don’t beat yourself up

No one is immune to making mistakes, it happens! But the important thing is to not dwell on your failures. Instead, acknowledge what went wrong, learn from the experience and you’ll grow as a person as a result! Your failures can provide you with some of the most valuable life lessons, don’t take this for granted. If you don’t meet one of your goals, don’t stress! There’s always a new day to work on being the best version of yourself. And one more thing – NEVER compare your own journey to anyone else’s.

7. Periodically reevaluate your goals

It’s good practise to occasionally take a step back and reflect on your current journey, evaluate how much progress you have made so far and adjust if necessary. Sometimes we aim for things just slightly out of reach (which can be a good thing!) but remember that it’s okay to take another look at things and make sure you’re being fair with yourself. Take smaller steps if necessary, be kinder to yourself if you’re feeling burnt out. It is your journey after all.

8. Express gratitude

Following on from the last point, remember to take some time every now and then to be thankful. Practicing mindfulness is a great way of processing your emotions, learning about yourself and how to stay calm in stressful situations, and boosting your overall mind and body health. Know that even if you haven’t reached your final goal yet, you’ve already come so far and all things happen in their own time. Trust the process!

Now take it from the creators of BMA themselves…

Directors Lynn and David here πŸ‘‹teaming it strong since 1983, we’ve built a successful brand through our passion and commitment. Here’s a little something to take with you:

Lynn: Goals give your life purpose and meaning, a direction and focus. They help you to stay motivated. Goals are your future, hopes, dreams, visions and desires, don’t miss out on setting your goals for 2020!

David: You all have a goal and have a need to achieve to a lesser or greater extent. Different people need to achieve in different ways. From any perspective, there is no doubt the goal is the ‘reward’. So you will need to be motivated as the situation changes. Do your best for 2020, your ‘vision’ is your goal so keep your vision in mind. “If you don’t try you will not succeed!”

We wish you the best of luck whatever your vision is, remember to drop us a line in the replies below or tag us on social media! Wishing you all the best for 2020!

Love from #TeamBMA

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