BMA Models: Who We Are, Our History, Our Principles & Our Ethos

BMA Models: Who We Are, Our History, Our Principles and Our Ethos

The modelling industry. Often it conjures images of sculpted physiques and a relentless pursuit of a single, narrow standard of beauty. But at BMA Models, we’ve been rewriting the rulebook since 1983. We believe charisma transcends size, age, or the latest runway trend.

We weren’t around when iconic campaigns first shaped the industry, but we’ve witnessed their enduring impact. We celebrate the power of a captivating gaze and the subtle confidence that elevates an advertisement from good to great.

Our History: A Legacy of Embracing Diversity

Founded in 1983, BMA Models has a long and proud history of championing diversity in the modelling world. We were there as the industry began to evolve, recognising the power of a unique perspective and a captivating presence that goes beyond physical attributes.

Our Principles: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Forget cookie-cutter looks. At BMA, we champion a kaleidoscope of human potential. We represent models who defy categorisation, from those with captivating features to those with an undeniable “it factor” that burns brighter than a studio spotlight.

We don’t discriminate against digits either – our hand and foot models have their own dedicated division, because let’s be honest, some appendages deserve their moment to shine.

Our Ethos: Confidence, Kindness, and Professionalism

So, you’re captivated by the idea of transforming your confidence into a career? It’s simpler than navigating rush hour traffic. Head over to our website and conquer our online application.

We’re searching for individuals who possess that certain something – that twinkle in the eye, that captivating smile (smirks are welcome too) – but most importantly, a kind and professional demeanour. Because in the whirlwind world of modelling, a positive attitude and a memory for names can be just as valuable as killer cheekbones.

Become Part of the BMA Family

This isn’t just about landing a billboard campaign or becoming the next face of your favourite brand (although, hey, those things are pretty awesome). It’s about joining a community that celebrates individuality and empowers you to embrace your unique potential. With BMA Models, you might find yourself starring in commercials, gracing magazine covers, or even leading the charge for a revolutionary new product.

Remember, confidence is your secret weapon, a captivating presence is your superpower, and a good sense of humour is your shield (trust us, you’ll need it).

Apply now and join the BMA family. We don’t just represent models, we represent the future of the industry.

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