Great Butt Workout!

With artists like J Lo and Iggy Azalea releasing songs about the ‘Booty‘, and Nicki Minaj celebrating the female form in ‘Anaconda‘, BMA urge people not to miss ‘Butt Day’ at the gym. Here is the perfect workout to tone up that tush, define that derriere, and get in the best shape of your life……

David Kocieda

We LOVE this new underwear shot of David Kocieda here at BMA. BMA‘s model David has taken part in a number of fashion and fitness shoots as well as catwalk.

Hollie Simmons

BMA‘s model Hollie Simmons looks AMAZING in this gym photoshoot! The sports model has a body good enough to make anybody envious.

Scott Spencer

BMA‘s Scott Spencer looks great in his shots on the website. The 6’1 classic model is also a presenter, having worked with GMTV and Grenada.

America's Next Top Model Workout

Gain that model body without departing from your television by taking part in our America’s Next Top Model Workout, starting in a couple of months.

BMA Interview | Kyle James

 MOTTO Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. What do you swear by in fitness? Not paying for the gym! I try to work out in parks, there are a lot around West London. What else? I constantly try to change my workout regime. If not I would hit a wall as far…

Ultimate Crossfit Fails Compilation

Click here to watch the hilarious video of ultimate fails during exercise. Although this is eye-wateringly funny, it reminds us to stay safe in the gym…

Health Food | Pineapple

BMA’s Health Food of the Day is PINEAPPLE! The tropical fruit is a great source of Manganese and Vitamin C, and eating 3 or more servings of fruit per day may lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the primary cause of vision loss in older adults. It’s perfect for keeping your immune system tip-top,…

Fitness Tip of the Day!

Forcefully exhale right at the top of the movement when you do abdominal crunches, forcing your abs to work harder. Every tip is one step closer to getting those perfect abs, similar to BMA‘s Greg Zimmerman‘s torso in his latest Instagram photo. WOW!