Top 5 Amazing News Items You Missed This Week…

It’s been a busy week in the world of humans, here’s BMA’s Top 5 stories that excite, thrill and scare us! Enjoy!


Kendall Jenner Slammed by fellow Model

The Kardashian’s are used to getting their share of bad press and this week it wasn’t all about Kim and her naked booty, but the clan’s newest model; Kendall Jenner! Estée Lauder’s newest face was sent an anonymous letter regarding her success and her seemingly easy entrance into the modelling world, read it and see if you agree or not!

James Bond 24 film details announced
Everyone’s favourite spy and stud James Bond is back! Details announced this week proved that the next instalment in the series may well be one of the most exciting releases to come from 2015! Daniel Craig will return for a fourth time and Director Sam Mendes returns following the hugely successful ‘Skyfall’ in 2012.

Russell Brand on the New Era Estate Rent Row

Don’t ask Russell Brand how much he pays rent people, bad bad idea; but it makes for a funnily and cringey video! Who’s side are you on? The reporter looks scared! They are both set to go on BBC’s TV show Question Time..Get the TV remote!

What’s Really In Your Christmas Coffee?

Buzzfeed provided us with some very interesting and disturbing facts regarding our favourite seasonal coffee’s of the festive season! 43g of sugar?! CRAZY. No longer can we enjoy our brownie hot chocolate, well it still tastes delicious.

Vlog of the week
Our favourite vlog of the week goes to global phenomenon Zoella. The British Vlogger’s book ‘Girl Online’ broke records this week and now has the biggest selling debut novel since records began! That deserves a mention.
What were your favourite stories of the week? Tell us! @bma_models & @bma_artists

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