Have A Catch Up With BMA…

A lot has been happening this past month at BMA! Christmas is keeping everyone busy, so we understand that you may have missed a few things so let us fill you in on the biggest things you’ve missed this past month, keep up to date!

BMA Website

BMA Announced Top Agency in UK

We were announced as the top modelling agency in the UK by Vesper Black! Thanks guys!


BMA goes Mobile

We are very happy to be able to tell you and the world that BMA Models & BMA Artists is now available through your mobile!

Not only that, we are actually the first modelling agency in the world to move to this format and move forward with accessibility! We’re all about making everything easy and accessible to you and having the ability to get to our websites wherever and whenever!


BMA Backstage & Special Interviews

We upped our game and have been bringing you exclusive backstage exclusives with our good selves and the jobs that we all do as well as interviews with our brilliant models! You won’t want to miss any of these again!


BMA’s Blog Revitalised 

It’s had a facelift and has never looked better! The content is pretty awesome too, follow it to stay up to date with all the content! There’s also two accounts now, one dedicated to our models and the other to our amazing artists!


Models – https://bmablog2.londonpremiumdesigns.com/

Artists – https://bmaartists.wordpress.com/

BMA’s Christmas Campaign

Forget all about that love hungry penguin and that the coca cola advert is on TV, us here at BMA have provided you with the best festive treat you’ll get all year! Our finest models all came together for a special Christmas video exclusively for us at BMA, It’s brilliant!


Check out the trailer here!

There we have it! Now follow this blog as well as us on all social media platforms to make sure you do not miss another thing! 2015 is just going to be better for BMA!

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