Behind The Scenes @ BMA – Shoot Me!!

This week we have yet another exclusive for you all as we go #behindthescenes at BMA!


Everyone always wants to know how the models get the perfect shots for their portfolio’s and how it all comes together, check out this insiders look into how a model finds the best shot possible and how it isn’t as glamorous as everyone thinks!


“Sometimes it’s hard to get the right shot that the photographer wants, you have to give the right look. So it’s important to give as much as you can to a shoot in order to give the client everything they want & need for whatever shoot or campaign it is for. I love to be able to do something different all the time, and find it enjoyable to be able to have my own input.”.

Often when the models come in to us at the BMA head office, they need to update their profile that is on our website so new shots may be required to keep their look updated. Polaroids and idents are what most commonly happen at the BMA studio, models strike different poses to give the photographer a variety of shots to make sure there is lots of choices. We also have plenty of videos being shot and produced by our media exec Josh, so watch out for what is to come!

Make sure you check back next week for another brand new and special festive edition of #behindthescenestuesday!

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