Top 5 Stories You've Missed This Week…

 You’ve missed a lot this week again, stop slacking! Catch up and laugh, cry and gasp! Enjoy!


Don’t Boil Your Iphone 6 In Coca Cola
One very brave and money wasting YouTuber boiled his Iphone 6 in Coca Cola, what happens is very interesting…

Britney Spears Sparks New Photoshop Row!
BMA wrote a post regarding the way in which the industry changes peoples looks for campaigns and this week Britney Spears’s new shoot for a magazine cover has begun another criticism for changing the way her body is, making her thinner. However the singer proved her haters wrong, by posting behind the scenes pictures of the shoot and how her body really is the best it’s ever been. What does this mean for the argument against editing models and altering their looks? Is it often mistaken by what we have become used to seeing and saying?
Grumpy Cat Makes $100 million?
Reports that the worlds most grumpy cat has made her owner $100 million since they were ‘discovered’ is inaccurate and not true at all. The grumpy cat rose to fame after 15.7 million viewers tuned in to a YouTube video, a star was born over night. The cats owner expresses her dissatisfaction with the reports, but has confirmed that she has been able to quit her job as a waitress as the cat makes thousands in personal appearances and interviews. Dolla Holla!
Sony Cancels Film ‘The Interview’ Following Terror Threats
Shock hit the movie industry this week as Sony completely cancelled their new movie starring Seth Rogan & James Franco. Following cyber attacks and terrorism threats from a group known as ‘Guardians of Peace’, bosses cut the film and have no plans to release it any time soon. Movie stars from all over the globe have raced to express their disatisfaction with Sony’s decision, does this mean the end of creative expression? Sony’s hacking problem has caused mayhem for the company. Read the story here: 
Video of the Week
#Sexy #Wednesday just wont give up! We’re loving the reactions we get from everyone who is tuning in every week, here’s the latest…make sure you don’t miss out a thing!

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