Top 5 Stories You Missed This Week…

If you are STILL finding January too much to bare, then worry no more we have you covered (as usual) and we have the top stories that you may have missed this past week. Sit back, relax and read on…it’s been a busy week!


1. #Quirks Arrived at BMA

We’ve had videos all about the models and this week saw the rise of the artists in all their quirkiness. Courtney Cornfield headlined our very first video and has set the standard high for all our artists out there. Make sure you check back for what and who is next, #Quirks will return!

2. #BMAGoesGlobal

BMA went travelling all over the world this past festive season. New York being a highlight, Media Exec Josh did some NYC scouting!!

3. BMA Hits Milestones

2015 already looks set to be a big year for us all here at BMA and now even more so now that BMA social media exploded over the festive season! We hit 10,000 likes on Facebook in a record time, Both of our Twitter profiles now have over 4,500 followers (and growing) and the wordpress account saw record growth in views, visitors and posts!

We have you all to thank, if it wasn’t for you then we wouldn’t be here celebrating!

4. Justin Bieber makes us all swoon

You must have seen the pictures this week of the newly found face of Calvin Klein underwear, Mr Bieber! The images look great, although typical rumours of airbrushing and a ‘willy sock’ have arisen…we don’t mind either way it all looks great to us!

What do you think?

5. 2015 

Yes. It had to happen, no more excuses for a mince pie and a bottle of wine. January is here! We are kind of happy that we can now be healthier, there’s only so much you can eat before you begin to regret it! Check out how to keep your new years resolutions here:

**We know guys we know, #Sexy Wednesday will be back so do not worry! January 14th we will have another brand new video for you, it’s all fresh and new…exciting!**

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