How To Stay Healthy With BMA

It’s hard to be healthy isn’t it? When it comes to eating, the UK can be very lazy; but we are here to tell you that it isn’t so hard to control what you eat. Approaching it with an open and positive mind is the key first off, but also the desire/need to become healthier. It’s all down to you at the end of the day! Here’s our top tips on keeping a healthy and balanced lifestyle…
Portion Size
Many people get it wrong, all three of your main meals of the day should be quantity and quality controlled. For example, the pieces of meat that you have within your meals (particularly dinner time) should be no larger than your own palm. Your body can only digest so much meat at the end of the day and keeping it controlled will help you to not feel frumpy.
Bland coloured foods tend to be the ones that aren’t the most nutritious, it just works out that way! Make sure that when you have sat down ready to eat your meal, that there is plenty of colour about to go inside. Fruits and vegetables are all important, so don’t just go for the usual suspects and shake it up a bit. Replace chips with some healthy swede mash or a few parsnips. Just make more of an effort to focus your attention to what goes on the plate.
Do you really need to drink 2 litres of water a day? That’s always the big question, do! Always stay hydrated and make sure that you always have a glass of water with you, you’ll drink it subconsciously! Keeping hydrated will change how you feel, it does wonders. So do it!
10,000 steps a day sounds good. Go get a pedometer that can be found anywhere for cheap and keep a track of yourself, stay active and healthy. Staying active throughout the day will help you to feel better inside and out. There are plenty of options for all of you who are sat down at a desk for most of the day too:
Go with the seasons, the fruits that are in season are generally the cheapest ones to buy. Let mother earth help tell you what to eat, it will benefit you in the long run when it comes to your immune system and getting all the important nutrients that you need to cope with the change of season. Especially now in the bitterness of winter.
Cut Out Carbs After 6pm
It says it all there, it’s when we tend to eat the most carbs; so none after 6pm will help to keep your body going healthy and not churning through the carbs as you sleep, you’ll put more weight on then. So if you want to have a snack, make sure it’s not a carb…trust us you will feel better in the morning.

You can do anything if you set your mind to it, believe and you will conquer whatever. Be Positive!


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