Rosie For Zoggs Swimwear

Rosie For Zoggs Swimwear

We encourage all our models to follow a healthy lifestyle as we strongly promote wholesome body images that can pull off any outfit, from swimwear, lingerie to everything else!

One of our gorgeous models, Rosie, has captured the hearts of many leading professionals in the fashion industry. With quintessential English looks and a lively personality to match, Rosie is a favorite among photographers. Our ‘English rose’ is natural, healthy and a delight to work with.

She recently bagged a shoot with Zoggs Swimwear, a leading brand offering superior quality swimming equipment that lends you confidence in water. Their swimwear is designed to suit all body shapes and sizes. Chic yet comfortable, Zoggs has produced a wide range of swimming costumes for women of all ages and skills.



Rosie was chosen by the client at the agency headquarters and her casting was held at BMA. Her fitness and striking looks made her the ideal choice to advertise swimwear. This shoot took place in Leamington Spa over a span of 1 and a half day. In the shoot, Rosie is seen sporting 4 different costumes:  a flowered print, a machine design, a bright blue feline print and a lined costume.


Rosie looked perfectly at ease in all her pictures and her toned body does complete justice to the swimwear.  We cannot take our eyes off Rosie, who flashes her pleasant smile at the camera, a habit acquired at BMA.


The friendly yet professional atmosphere at BMA is reflected in the warmth our models exude, socially and in their shoots, rendering them the preferred choice of fashion photographers, advertising agencies, clothing brands and other industry professionals among many other London models. BMA is widely known for its amicable and timely service, professionalism and dedication. You can feel the difference from the entrance, from our diligent team at the booking table to each and every one of our top models.

Rosie is one of our most successful models and has worked on so many exciting projects, this is yet another example of her hard work!

Well done Rosie!


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