Kirsty Gets The Cover Of YourFitness Magazine

UK’s # 1 commercial modeling agency, BMA, is dedicated to providing an unparalleled experience to all its clients. Our veteran bookers offer customers sound advice and consultation based on their thorough knowledge of our models and their skills. We cultivate an affable and collaborative environment and work like a family, striking long term relationships with both our valued clients and models.
All our lovely models sport the ideal weight and are actively encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles, characterizing true role models for the younger generations. Beautiful, talented, and easy to work with, it is no surprise why our models are plastered all over fashion magazines, making BMA immensely proud.
In the competitive fashion industry, our talented models support and help instead of tearing each other down. BMA nurtures healthy competition and upholds talent and hard work as the two pillars that lead to success. We treat our models and clients like family and believe that the experience we provide to them is what defines us. We have a proven track record of offering immaculate services to clients and models alike.
Owing to her healthy figure and perfect good looks, our beautiful model, Kristy, landed on the front page of the widely read ‘Your fitness’ magazine, June 2017 edition.  She was especially ecstatic about this particular shoot as we, at BMA, aim to promote healthy body images and do not support unrealistic and harmfully skinny figures.
Kristy shot for this magazine cover for 1 day in February with 2 more of our lovely BMA models. Paced over 6 hours, this shoot came out just as brilliant as expected. Her robust appearance, complete with a dazzling smile is an image reflective of health and vitality. With unmatchable good looks and a toned figure, we just cannot think of anyone else who could have done a better job of promoting the essence of this fitness magazine!

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