Working Abroad & Placements: All You Need To Know Guide.

It’s already 4 months into 2019 and perhaps many of you are already planning ahead for holidays. Models can work abroad depending on their interest from agencies. There are two ways to work abroad as a model which are Placements and Direct Bookings. Here is a post to know ALL about working abroad.


  • What are placements?

Also known as on stay, is being signed with an agency abroad via BMA and working with the agency out there for a period of time. The duration is usually any time between 2-6months. When signed , models will work with them just like an agency in the UK e.g. attending castings. The only difference will be a different market, clients and environment (food and culture too!).

  • How do I get placements?

At BMA, we have many connections around the world, most predominately in Europe and Asia. We will reach out to agencies on your behalf and wait to hear back from the other agency. Of course, only if you are the right fit to the agency.

  • How long are they for?

Agencies will often expect 90 days. The first 2/3 weeks would be attending to a lot of castings and having a feel of the market. Models will settle in and meet with new clients before getting booked. If the season is busy, there will be a lot more competition and bigger castings e.g. fashion weeks.

  • What’s provided?

The agency abroad usually advance flights tickets and accommodation for models. The accommodation will be shared with other models who are also working abroad. The agency will look after and guide their models.

Janes F loves to travel


  • What are direct bookings?

This is being signed to another agency abroad by BMA and working abroad with the agency for confirmed jobs only. The client usually pay for travel (depends on client). These are confirmed jobs and no castings are required (perhaps self-tape if needed). This is great because models will fly there, shoot for the job and fly back.

  • How long are they for?

Depending on the job, models may just be there for the day (fly in and fly out) or a couple of days. They are much shorter than placements!! This could just be a day trip especially if there are other commitments that stops models from doing placements such as family or other jobs.

Joris L in Cape Town


It sounds easy to work abroad but this all depends on the agency and what scouting requirements they have for the season. Different country has a different market!!


Model’s portfolio must be strong in order to work abroad.  It is not a holiday as agencies look for professional and dedicated models who do want to work and experience working in another market. If you want to go abroad, you must invest your time doing test shoots!!


  • It isn’t a holiday, different countries have different standards and policies in terms of how they work.  Models need to respect this and understand it is different from the UK market.
  • Model Apartments: Models will need to share apartments and rooms abroad. Unlike having your own room in your own house…working abroad is very different. Other models are also placed and models will live together.
  • It’s about experience and building a stronger portfolio: Just like in the UK, there is not guarantee of regular work but there will be many castings. Models will need to meet new clients and brands that they have never worked with before.
  • Expenses are different: Model expenses are different and vary depending on which country you go. Some agencies require website fees, so don’t expect it to be the same as your home country because it won’t!
  • Advanced: Flights and tickets are usually advanced by the agency however; they will deduct this from future earnings.
Calla H has worked in Cape Town


BMA has worked with many agencies abroad and we have models working worldwide. We have placed models in Ireland, Italy, Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Australia, China and many more.

Our models loves working abroad – THEY LOVE IT!!

Melise W
We currently have Melise W out in Australia WITH AMAZING WEATHER!! She has been in Australia for nearly 4 months. It’s such a great experience for her.
Grace B‘s image in China

We had Sophie T and Grace B in China for 3 months in 2018 and they were constantly working and working. Their hard work really paid off because they got beautiful images on their portfolio.

Sophie T‘s images from China
Courtney W has been working in Barcelona!!
Sophie W who joined us a few months ago has been signed for direct bookings in Ireland and Germany. The agencies love her look!

If you could work abroad where would you like to go?


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