Happy Friday!! Castings are ever so important for models.  By attending to a lot of castings would increase chances of meeting more brands/ clients, building portfolio and experience.  Even the top models in the industry attend castings to secure jobs. Let’s talk about the importance of castings 🙂

Preparing For A Casting

Being punctual and organised! First impression counts for all occasions. Here are the following things models needs to prepare prior a casting:

Marek L
  • Check The Address: Sounds like common sense but many people don’t check the addresses (e.g. postcode) and end up going to the wrong place. Best thing to do is double check with the bookers if you are ever unsure.
  • Prepare The Correct Wardrobe: Read the brief or instructions given by the bookers. If it’s for a swimwear casting, you must bring a swimsuit!!
  • Research The Brand/Client: Be curious and know who you’re meeting (extra impression points). Look at their website and social media profiles to get a feel about their brand and how they work.
  • Arriving On Time: You must arrive early, the last thing you want to do is turn up late or at the wrong place. Check your route beforehand, use google maps or download Citymapper. Citymapper shows all the transport routes in London.

Dress Code

Calla H

Keep it simple when attending castings. Polaroid wear is the ideal wardrobe unless the client has specifically asked you to prepare something in particular. Jeans and a basic t-shirt can never go wrong. For the girls, bring a pair of heels, preferably something you can walk and feel comfortable in because you may be required to shoot for hours on your feet.

Keep your makeup natural to minimal.

Expectations At A Casting

Long Waiting Times: You are expected to arrive early to castings but there will be a queue to be seen. The client will call for you when they are ready to see you among all the other models. Make sure you bring something like music, book or a magazine to occupy yourself.

You’re not the only one the client is seeing so be patient. Don’t leave the casting half way through because you will miss your chance with the client. Clients may not give you a second chance.

Luke G

Inside And Outs Of Castings

  • You will likely fill in a form on arrival. Your age, sizes, agency and their contact details. You must write down the agency’s details and not yours.
  • You will be called for your audition. Not all castings are the same so some may ask you individually or as a group.
  • When called to the casting room, make sure you introduce yourself loud and clear. Show your personality and be YOU!
  • They will ask you to show you walking, try out different outfits and take a couple of images from their studio. After this, the casting will be finished.
  • The client will let you leave and you will have to wait for them to get in touch with your agent.  The client will reject, invite you for a second casting or confirm you for booking.


Models will attend to many castings before they are ever booked. There will always be no’s in the industry which can be upsetting. The client or photographer already have in mind what they are looking for and unfortunately it wasn’t you. Which is fine!! It’s about the experience and networking!! It is important to accept the rejection in this industry and not let it bring you down. If the casting didn’t go well, there will be many more.

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What are you experiences in castings?


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