The life of a model: Q & A with Nienke

The life of a model seems glamorous and exciting and is the aspiration of many young women and men around the world. But is modelling life everything that you might think?

We put some leading questions to one of our favourite models here at BMA. If you ever wanted an insider view, here it is!

1)      How did you get your break in modelling? 

I always wanted to model, I applied for Holland’s next top model a couple of times but always got rejected. Then when I was studying music a couple of years later I thought why not apply for some agencies. When I did, this small boutique agency wanted to sign me and two months later I was in Milan, Istanbul and London, it went really fast from there! 

2)      If you could do anything differently to when you first started, what would it be?

I probably would’ve gone to London sooner. High fashion modeling didn’t make me very happy. In Milan I was called “big” quite often even though my hips were 87 CM. In London I have never been called big and I am working 10 times better! 

3)      Be honest, is it all glam? Tell us a high point, and if you can give us a low point too.

Its definitely not all glam. But I am happy I made the decision early on to focus on commercial modeling and leave the high fashion modeling behind. I did not want to loose anymore weight, be unhealthy and be treated poorly by people. My lowest point was at a showroom in Milan when a client told me in my face im too big and she wanted to see someone else. I actually left the job and from that moment I said to myself, no. Not anymore. 

I do have a lot more high points though! I have worked amazing jobs with BMA. I went to Egypt for a shoot with Dalydress which was such an amazing experience. But also the simple Frame showroom in London, they’re regulars and they’re like friends! All my jobs here are fun, everyone is nice and I always make new friends on set! 

4)      What advice would you give to aspiring models?

I would say don’t let anyone tell you you have to be so skinny that you are unhealthy. For the industry to change we have to stand up for ourselves! And I would say, you get a lot of no’s in this industry, but that is not personal. So don’t let any no encourage you! Be authentic, be yourself, love yourself and be professional! 

5)      Have you had any ‘wow, I can’t believe this is happening’ moments?

Yes quite often! My favorite wow moment was in Egypt when we were shooting winter clothes in 45 degree celsius weather haha. 

6)      If you could be anything other than a model, what would it be?

Probably a singer! I studied music and singing has been my passion since I’m a child. I do still work on my music though. I have 5 published songs! 

7)      How has Covid 19 treated you and others in the industry?

I know it has been really hard for so many in the industry. I think some agencies even had to close down. There were a lot of selftape castings at some point, and since July I have been working a bit again. It starts to pick up! Fingers crossed! 

Thanks Nienke. If YOU would like to join Nienke and the BMA Models family, you can apply to join right now.

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