How Photographers Find the Perfect Model

Tips to help aspiring models

As a photographer there is immense pressure when you are on the hunt for the perfect model to fit the brief and make the end client happy with not only the style of images but the choice of model. Aspects to consider are, models experience, models availability, height, size, looks, personality and the list goes on.

Professional photographers recognise the value in using the right model for the project. By using an experienced model, the photographer will save time on shoot, which will of course save money.

Photographers do not have the time, or inclination, to scroll through Instagram on the search for a model that will fit their brief. They know that this is a lengthy process that may not deliver the right result.


Photographers will approach professional agencies as the best way to find the perfect model for the clients brief.

Going down the agency route is the most efficient way to find the perfect model. Agencies themselves scout for models and have a huge depth of knowledge when it comes to knowing what photographers and end clients want, whether the end client is a fashion brand or a corporate brand.

Get Booked

A reputable Model agency will be able to provide the right model, for the right job. This means the photographer is happy, the agency has saved time by sourcing correctly, and of course, the model in question gets booked.

So the best way forward for an aspiring model is to get noticed by agencies and get themselves on the books of an agent. This way, the agent will look after their needs and ensure they are put forward for jobs that meet their attributes and attitude.

Lasting relationships

Plus generally photographers will build a rapport with booking agents and the agent will understand the needs of not only the photographer but also the end client. Over time the rapport builds lasting relationships between photographer and agency and end client and the model.

Agencies help photographers and present a model’s portfolio in its best light. From here, the agent can set up meetings between photographers, models and clients.  

This is the safest and best way for any aspiring model to succeed, remembering there are many scams out there and safety is a key concern, you will be more protected with an agency.

Other options?

As an aspiring model, your other options would be utilising Instagram in the hope a photographer spots you. This isn’t really a viable option though, as most photographers simply go the agency booking route.

You could try and contact photographers directly, either by Social media, or by their websites, but can you imagine how many of these contacts they might receive? The chances of any response will be slim and you might be wasting lots of time here.

We do recommend all our models are active on social media, but this should be as an addition of your portfolio, not as a means of picking up bookings. Social Media can help photographers agree with an agent that you are the best model for the brief.

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