How to Become A Plus Size Model

Want to become a plus size model but not sure of the right path? Here is our ultimate guide to becoming a plus size model.
Plus size models are increasingly successful in today’s world, with the industry recognising the relevance of curvy models as demand for plus size clothing has also increased. Awareness and body consciousness have also led to a change in attitudes within the fashion industry.
Many top international agencies and advertisers are looking for plus size models as brands have started offering a plus size option within their ranges (great news!). So how do you become a plus size model? Read on to find out!

How to Become a Plus Size Model in 5 steps
To become a plus size model, it requires effort and dedication. Following are the proven steps you need to follow.

  • Take All Kinds of Shots
  • Get Evaluations by Professionals
  • Widen your Network
  • Don’t rely on Modelling Schools
  • Only Work with Professionals

Take All Kinds of Shots
You don’t need professional photos to get a talent spotter’s attention. All you need is a good angle and good lighting.  Get snapping but don’t over-do the selfies. Get one of your friends (or a few of them) to take as many pictures as possible and keep the best ones. For inspiration, you can look at other plus size model’s Instagram but don’t copy them, instead try to bring out something unique to you.
Agents don’t need to see professional photoshoots in the beginning. To them, simple snapshots work as well as they only need to see your potential. Sometimes, if they like your work they can recommend professional photographers and give you photoshoot ideas, some agents may even cover the cost of these photos and you can pay them back once you start working.

Get Evaluations by Professionals
If you want to know that what it is required to be a model then you need to get opinions of many types of agents. Go to them and ask them to evaluate you. Be open to feedback, both positive and negative.
Remember that negative remarks will help you in your growth, so view these as valuable as the positive ones!
Widen your Network
The more you expand your social circle the more possible exposure you may get. Connect with people working in modelling agencies like models, agents and scouts.
You can also email your photographs to different modelling agencies and also mail directly the old fashioned way. There is a cost to sending your photos by post but it may be better than sending emails which are sometimes not even read by some agencies.
You can also apply directly to join BMA Models, an agency that specialises in plus size models. Apply to join us HERE.

Don’t Rely on Modelling Schools
Modelling schools are things of the past and they are not as reliable as they were before. If you want to attend a modelling school then you can but we will suggest you to spend your time and effort instead by connecting with different modelling agencies. You could also opt for personal and professional coaching sessions to amp up your modelling skills. Keep in your mind that you don’t need to go to a modelling school to become a successful model.
Only Work with Professionals
To become a successful plus size model you need to work with professionals and legitimate modelling agencies. You need to do some research before you sign up with a modelling agency.  You also need to be very cautious and ponder carefully who you can really trust and who you can’t.
If you are ready to start your career as a successful and stunning plus size model, then consider joining the BMA Family, you will not look back!

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