How To Find The Right Model Agency For You

If you google search model agency right now, you will see hundreds of results. How do you know which agency is right for you? How can you be sure that the model agency is reputable and will look after your interests professionally?
How can you be sure that you will pick up work?!
With an abundance of agencies out there, making the right choice seems impossible. The fact that you are reading this will hopefully mean that you are already in the right place. BMA Models is a well established and recognised model agency that covers editorial fashion with commercials and print projects.
When you are looking for the right model agency to represent you, it may be useful to consider what type of model you would like to be:
Fashion Editorial Models
Considered the premier league, these models would be the likes of Gigi Hadid, Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne, located in fashion hot spots like New York, Milan, Paris and London. These models would generally be over 5’ 9” for women and 6’ 1” and over for men. Assignments would generally be for high fashion campaigns. Click to read our Top Tips On How To Become A Successful Model.
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Commercial Models
Commercial models, as a rule of thumb, are used to sell products to the public. Think billboards, commercials and print. As a rule of thumb, you do not have to be over 5’ 9” for women or over 6’ 1” for men, therefore this opens the field for shorter models. In fact many clients do not want tall models shrouding their products with their height, and becomes more about your look and how the public can relate to you.
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Plus Size Models
Curvy models, or plus size models, are in high demand. Most agencies do not represent plus size only, so you do not have to limit your search – go for a reputable agency that handles all types of models. Click to read All You Need To Know About Curve And Plus Size Modelling.
Plus size models are generally 5’ 8” and over and are a size 16 plus.
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Speciality Models
Speciality models are considered for, typically, hands, legs and feet as examples. Curvy models can also fall into this category.
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The good news is BMA Models cater for all the above.
How To Find The Right Model Agency…
Of course, other agencies will also offer the same, but we believe we are different in a number of ways:

  • You join the BMA family – we treat you as one of our own, offering guidance, advice and warmth. We care deeply for all our models.
  • We are well established – BMA Models was formed in 1983 and now represent thousands of diverse models across all specialities in London and the UK.
  • We have great connections – Our experience in this industry has forged some really valuable contacts, and this is always great for our models.

We always try to find the right model for the right job, which further strengthens our relationship with both model and client and often leads to repeat bookings.
We also try to offer valuable guidance in the form of our model blog. As an example, you could learn about the best Social Media Tips To Help Aspiring Models, or learn How To Prepare For Castings.
In short, at BMA we care. We care that we place the right model in the right job, we care that our models are well represented and remain happy within our tight family.
If you would like to know more about us, check out our main website or, one better, apply to join BMA Models today!

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