How to become a Hand Model

The modelling industry has many niches, including curvy models, classic models and hand, feet and leg models. Many models can apply their skills to most of these niche areas, although the demand for specialist models has grown recently. The most common of these specialities is the hand model.

Do you have fantastic looking hands? Have you been complimented on their appearance? You could consider becoming a hand model!

So how do you become a hand model?

To succeed in this area you really have to have great hands. It sounds obvious, but it is an important starting point. Many creative directors prefer slender fingers, finely manicured nails and no skin blemishes or freckles. The nails need to have perfect half moons and nails should not be too long.

There are further niches for freckled hands and tattooed hands, but the most common requirements are as listed above. If you do have freckles or tattoos on your hands, all is not lost, but there may be less assignments available to you.

Care for your assets

To become a successful hand model, you need to look after your asset. This means you have to care for your hands on a regular basis. Moisturise well and frequently. Make sure you take the right vitamins for hand and nail health (see here for more info!).

SPF creams should also be applied to avoid sun damage – ultimately, you want your hands to be as perfect as possible.

Avoid anything that may stain, including some types of coloured nail varnish. You should also be wary of any small cuts or scrapes, as this would likely result in assignment cancellation.

Many hand models wear gloves for protection – even when they sleep. If you are looking to become a hand model, it makes sense to protect your best assets!

Tip: Imagine you have always just painted your nails… although you may wish to not do this when in public!

Prepare for long shoots

On the face of it, hand modelling might sound like an easy gig, but the chances are you will be on hand (sorry) for lengthy periods. In some instances, you may be required to hold a particular pose for a long time, whilst the photographer gets the shot.

You might be in an awkward position where a body shot is not allowed in the photo. You may have to hold a heavy item for many minutes, which could lead to muscle stress and trembling.

You can build up your body core strength with Yoga to manage those awkward positions. There are many finger strengthening exercises you can find online and these will help when you are asked to hold that heavy item for a number of minutes at a time.

Get Social

Even if you do not have a portfolio, you can still get your photos up on social media. Make sure your hands are clean and manicured and ensure good lighting. You could try different hand shots, where you hold specific items, such as jewellery or food. Your social media activity may help land an independent assignment and would certainly help in getting signed up by a reputable hand model agency.

The hand model agency… is it really required?

Absolutely! You could try to secure work by contacting photographers directly and by being socially active but if you are really serious about becoming a hand model, we suggest you sign up with an agency that specialises in hand modelling (that would be us). The benefit to this is we are more likely to offer you work as we have enquiries on a daily basis for professional hand models.

Interested? You can sign up to be a hand model here.

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