Model Tips: How to look after your skin this winter

Model Tips: How to look after your skin this winter

Winter… possibly the most testing times for skin. The biting cold weather alone can cause real issues for skin. When you add in central heating and the cold nights of party season, it gets serious – especially if you are a model, or even an aspiring model.

So how can a model protect their skin in winter? Read on to find out…

Hydrate – By hydrate, we mean both inside and out. Drink lots of water throughout the day (and night, if possible), and moisturise – a good moisturising routine will reap real benefits throughout the winter months.

Top model tip: Avoid alcohol where possible. It will dehydrate your skin as much as a harsh environment will.

You should really consider your moisturiser during this season. Look for skin repairing ceramides which will fill in any cracks between cells and will help the skin to repair itself.

Top model tip: Have your moisturiser at hand in the bathroom. When you have finished bathing, apply moisturiser whilst the skin is still slightly wet – this has been proven as being the most advantageous time to apply!

It’s not just your face – You have to think about your entire body here. Underwear shoots, or even those with plunging necklines and low backs will require flawless skin across your entire body. Use a body scrub and, guess what, moisturise!

Sweet Dreams Beautiful – Yes, get some sleep and then some more. We know winter can be a great time for late nights and partying but dark circles around your eyes are never a good look, especially if you are a model.

Avoiding late nights and alcohol, your face and body will thank you with fresh glowing skin – that has to be worth the sacrifice, right?

Makeup free days – This shouldn’t be met with fear, rather embraced for the freedom it will impart on you. Going makeup free for a day or days will allow your skin to breathe.

Top model tip: If you do go makeup free for a day (or even if you don’t), make sure you properly cleanse your skin when removing makeup. Use a remover with good cleansing power, whilst remaining as gentle and natural as possible.

Soap is not your friend – A true soap will have high alkaline pH levels which may irritate the skin. This in turn will mean the skin cannot properly retain hydration – so all the good work above may be undone.

Instead look for hydrating skin cleansers which are much gentler on the skin’s barrier.

Stay cosy – Winter should all be about the cosy, everyone loves cosy… Try to avoid being outside when it is especially cold or wet, or both. The harsher the environment, the greater the toll on your skin. If you do have to be out when it is really cold, wrap up well including as much of your face as you can!

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