Model tips for new models

Model tips for new models

When a model gets signed to an agency, it is an exciting time and maybe a fulfilled dream – and it should be a thrilling time, the possibilities that lie ahead are huge. It is important, however, not to get carried away with the excitement – This is your job, and as so, should be treated with responsibility and professionalism.

We have put together some really valuable model tips for new models to help them adjust to and develop their career to the maximum.

New Model Tip 1: Look after yourself. As a model, you and your looks are your best asset. Celebrate your signing of course, but be responsible too. Eat healthy, exercise frequently, drink lots of water every day and get lots of sleep! It might be a good idea to review your beauty and skincare regime and enhance and extend if required.

New Model Tip 2: So you have been signed… It would be a mistake to get comfortable with that. Your agency will have high expectations of you. Try to practise poses often. If a photographer calls for a specific pose on a shoot, you should be able to adjust to that instantly. The same can be applied to facial expressions and overall emotions… It’s mirror time!

New Model Tip 3: Maintain a good reputation. This extends to literally everyone you come into contact with during your modelling career. Treat the receptionist with the same respect as the head of an agency. The same applies to photographers and make up artists and everyone else in the modelling mix. Timekeeping is critical too. You do not want to have a reputation for being late or even not showing up. If a shoot is scheduled at 10.00, be there at 09.45 at the latest. Shoots cost time and money and would be increased by lateness – do not be the late one!

New Model Tip 4: Present yourself as a professional. As well as the above, make sure you are responsive to booking agents and photographers. Return all your calls and continue dialogues when required, and do so promptly.

New Model Tip 5: Know your vitals. Dress size, bust, hip and waist measurements will be needed by a wardrobe assistant or stylist prior to the shoot. Obviously, be honest here! There is no point giving incorrect detail, this will only incur more time at the shoot for which you will not be thanked for.

New Model Tip 6: If you are now in the modelling industry, it will be of benefit to everyone if you are current-fashions aware. As well as the latest trends and other models in the industry, you should research how fabrics sit and flow and what cuts work best for your body type. Having a good idea of how to wear unflattering clothes well will help with any shoots. The better you can showcase the clothes you are wearing, the more assignments will come.

New Model Tip 7: Be business aware too. You need to treat your modelling assignments and career overall like a business, essentially it is your business. Be professional in every way, including your own books and tax returns for instance.

New Model Tip 8: It’s not just about you. Please, no inflated egos, they will be of no use in this industry. You will be better regarded if seen as a team player – a vital cog in the ensemble of creative directors, stylists, make up artists and photographers. You must respect that a successful shoot takes all members of the team to work as one.

Now go and enjoy your new career (but not too much, see point 1!). Seriously though, you have an amazing opportunity and lifestyle ahead of you – enjoy every second.

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