Summer skincare tips for Models (and everyone else too!)

Summer skincare tips for Models (and everyone else too!)

Summer… for us, the best season! We love the sun, the heat and the change in outfit choices that come with the warmer weather.

Although we are happiest when its at its warmest, we are aware of the dangers the sun can present for our skin, so we have listed our favourite Summer skincare tips for models – but not just for models!

Moisturise – Seriously, when is this not ever top of the list?! Extra care (and moisturising) is required to maintain the correct hydration levels for your skin in these warmer months.

Drink Water… Lots of water – Moisturising your skin from the inside out, drinking water is too important to neglect, especially when it starts to heat up. Your body will thank you for an increased water intake, as will your skin.

Protect yourself – Never use a sunscreen with less than SPF30, especially in the summer. It’s important to ensure all of your skin is protected. Try to stay in shady areas if possible and style things up with a hat – added sass and protection! The sun will damage your skin, so treat it with respect.

Got burnt? Respond quickly – Wait… You got burnt? See above! It can happen to all of us, but how you respond to getting sunburn could really assist with recovery and negate any damage from the sun’s rays.

1st up, get out of the sun as soon as you feel you have been burnt. Try to cool your burnt skin down with cool water and apply aftersun regularly. If/when your skin starts to peel, avoid pulling off any flakes of skin.

Avoid hot showers and baths – Now, don’t avoid washing completely ok?! Try to opt for a cooler shower and reduce any time you spend in a bath. The hot water will dehydrate your skin.

Be strict on make-up removal – On hotter days you are more likely to sweat, and with make-up and moisturisers in play your skin may become more oily and could clog your pores. It is essential that you follow out your make-up removal routine to a tee.

In tandem with make-up removal, you need to be as regimental with washing your face. Use the right face wash for your specific skin type and use both morning and night. Summer night sweats will mean your face is not as clean as it needs to be in the morning before you add make-up.

Make-up; Less is more – The less make-up you wear in hotter weather the better. For a start, we feel it looks better to have a more natural appearance but as important is the fact that you are potentially clogging up your pores with make-up.

Avoid the air-con – OK… sometimes we crave the air conditioning, especially when the temperature outside is soaring! But it is important to note that air conditioning will really dry out your skin and being mindful of this will help. Try to instead seek out cool shaded areas or limit the time you spend in an air conditioned environment.

We hope these tips are helpful to you. If you are reading this because you have always dreamt of being a model, why not apply to join BMA Models? One of the most established and trusted modelling agencies in the UK, with a real emphasis on our models wellbeing.

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