Social Media Tips to help aspiring models

The story of Kate Moss walking through an airport and being stopped by a model scout is well-known. The days of scouting are not over, they have just evolved. Social Media now plays a huge part in the scouting process. If you are an aspiring model, you really need a solid presence on social networks.Social Media Tips to help aspiring models 1
Social Media can be fun and rewarding, but also stressful and, sadly, a negative experience. Here we list some tips on how to up your social media game for all aspiring models.
The Internet Never Forgets
This is really important. Remember that crazy party you went to last year where things got out of hand and tagged images of you were posted? Are they still visible? You want agencies to notice you, so make sure your accounts are in good order. You don’t have to be saint-like, but you do need to maintain a professional and clean reputation.
Social Media Tips to help aspiring models 2Let your social accounts show off your personality, have fun, smile. If a scout sees this, it’s all good.
Scouts, photographers and even end clients may be able to view your profiles, so consider what you are posting, and also what has been posted in the past.
Top tip: always be professional, you never know who is looking!
This is Your ‘Portfolio’
Social Media Tips to help aspiring models 3The social accounts could be the first thing that scouts or photographers see. It could be the difference between a DM and booking, or nothing at all.
Post content that reflects you, the real you. If you are a bit kooky, show this. If you love knitting, let your followers know! Love getting muddied up on a rugby pitch? This needs to be documented. Remember to highlight only those hobbies that will not cause offense or raised eyebrows…
Top tip: Keep it positive, this will generate an empathy with whoever is checking you out.
Social Media Tips to help aspiring models 5 Develop You As A ‘Brand’
If you are 100% serious about becoming a model, start thinking like a professional one. Work on your best traits and show them off. This is your personal brand talking. Great hands? Show the world!
Think about your ideal and preferred model assignments, then post similar to this. Think of what you enjoy – your lifestyle habits and passions, include these in your feed. If a scout or photographer stumbles onto your account and sees you in shots similar to what they are looking to reproduce, you are likely to receive contact.
Social Media Tips to help aspiring models 6Top tip: Think early on about how you should identify as a brand, then stick to that.
It’s Good To Talk
It’s not enough to just follow someone and hope they follow back. Engage in conversations with others online – comment on other users posts, respond to anyone that comments on your posts. Even by commenting on users posts that you may not follow can draw attention to yourself.
Top tip: When posting content, sometimes ask users a question to start the conversation (‘OK, dressed up and ready to go, but which hat? Brown or white?’ as an example)Social Media Tips to help aspiring models 8
Social Media can sometimes be a negative place. It’s too easy to leave a nasty comment, but it’s just as easy to leave a nice one – with better reward (if that’s only just a little dose of karma). If a scout spots a negative from you, the chances of you ever getting any contact from them have just reduced to zero.
Social Media Tips to help aspiring models 7Veer away from posting anything political as a rule of thumb and definitely do not be drawn into any conversations that are polarising. Although you may feel very strongly about something that you feel is being incorrectly reported or spoken about, it really is best not to get involved.
Top tip: If you are not legally allowed to drive due to alcohol consumption, stay off social as well.

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