Model Tips: How to look good without makeup!

Model Tips: How to look good without makeup!

Hey! This doesn’t just apply to models! Anyone who uses makeup on a daily basis might be interested in these tips – especially those that maybe rely too heavily on makeup – for us, less is always more.

So how can you look good without makeup?

It’s important to note that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that includes you when you are at the mirror. Every woman has their own beauty, it’s just how you see yourself that is important. Confidence can and will enhance your natural beauty.

Sunscreen & Moisturiser

Seriously, these two are your best friend. Even if it’s not scorchio, you should still consider sunscreen. If the sun is out, so are its harmful UV rays. And moisturiser… How many times have we mentioned this within the BMA Model blog?!

You should moisturise always and often and not just your face. Your whole body will thank you for it. Choose a moisturiser that you are happy with, that’s not too oily and has a great scent – that way you will always love using it – meaning you will use it always and often.


Just don’t, it’s gross and it’s likely to kill you… also it is exceptionally harmful to your skin, not to mention those lines and wrinkles you will develop around your mouth.


We don’t want to be the party pooper but excessive drinking is going to leave you dehydrated and make your skin look tainted and weary. A few drinks once a week will not cause any major damage, but have a limit weekly and stick to it.


Should be part of your daily routine, cleansers will effectively remove any dirt or makeup, which will unclog pores and reduce any blemishes that you may normally get.


If you do have a particular skin condition, such as redness or dryness, choose a specific serum for your condition.

Brows and Lashes

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting are a good idea when trying to reduce makeup usage. You could try brow microdermabrasion to achieve fuller brows, it’s like an eyebrow tattoo but less permanent.

Lash tinting is also a great option, allowing you to go several weeks without using mascara. A lash curl will also help to make the lashes appear longer.

Diet and Exercise

So crucial. You can look good from the inside out with the right diet and exercise. Nutrition is key here, for glowing skin and an overall more healthy appearance.

No Makeup Makeup

OK, a little cheat but not really… At the start we said less is more and we meant it. The No Makeup Makeup look is a popular one and it is using a minimal amount of makeup only. You can get tips on this current look here.

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